December 20, 2015

Paladins [Fernando & Cassie]

With TwitchCon coming up & Hi-Rez having a big presence, I had volunteered Bev & myself to attend in full costume. We will be going as Fernando - the Self Appointed Knight, & Cassie -The Hunter's Daughter. This was a cram-tastic, sleepless nights, last minute craft runs, hectic two weeks build! LET'S GO! [More on my flickr]

Blocking everything with cardboard~

Some fabrics from Jo-Ann.

Translating the cardboard cut-outs into foam.

Temporarily held together with masking tape until I spam the hot glue & contact cement.

Blocking out the chest piece with cardboard, then foaming it.

The pile grows.

Start of the eventual bow (Unfinished).

Fits like a bad glove. Chest piece hung a little high, but no time for iteration. Had to get these done as soon as possible for the morning shipment. CAN YOU FEEL THE EXCITEMENT?! (Or rather, the lack of sleep)?

Sealing pieces with Plasti-Dip.

Coats of last minute spray painting.

Shiny silver & ready for San Francisco!

With the Lance & chest heading to the west coast, we scurried to finish the rest of the outfit. Gem attempt with acrylic sheets. Hot glued in place.

Bev shaping & sanding Cassie pieces.

Spray paint was fume were rising (Seeping in from the patio), so went with acrylic paints for the smaller pieces.

Bev showcasing how big of a head I have / Fernando's feather work & braiding for Cassie's wig.

Made a Goodwill trip to gather old leather pieces (boots, jackets, handbags). They were dismantled, then made into the loincloth. 

Remaining pieces ready to be checked on flight~

Fast forward to San Francisco > hotel room > shipment standing by~

Chest arrived in one piece. Waaarrrrrbrblhlh!

 Moscone West Convention Center...

TwitchCon 2015!

Behold the glory of Paladins~

Nice turn out.

We wandered throughout the building, greeting people, handing out early access cards, and making new friends~

We definitely stood out downtown San Francisco. Who would of thought we would be a hit with the security officers and construction workers...

Fun's over, back to work~

Some stuff I've used during this project:
Card stock.
Hot knife (Wood burning tool, to cut foam).
Heat Gun (To shape foam).
Masking tape.
Foam (5mm & EVA mats).
Sand paper.
Contact Cement.
Tons of hot glue (Contact cement was taking too long).
Many trips to Goodwill / Jo-Ann.
Mod Podge (To seal foam).
Acrylic paints.
Spray paints.

June 14, 2015

ZX Buster

To finish my Mega Man ZX cosplay, I'm going to need a buster. A ZX Buster to be exact~ This will be my attempt on modding and fusing two existing toys. I will be using a Lightsaber and a Nerf Recon as the base. Let the modding commence!

ZX Buster reference sheet.

Mock-up in paper form. Screw in place to test the pivot.

Trying to retain the saber's release mechanism.

To back fill the grip, I've used Magic Sculpt and sanded smooth. For the extender bits, I swung by Tap Plastics & raided the scrap pile for styrene sheets. The styrene is easily workable, to cut, I use a metal ruler and ran a hobby knife down it. To join pieces, used a bit of super glue & sand to smooth edges.

Electronics! Hacked apart a tap light, and replaced the original LED with a red one.

Powered by a 9-Volt battery and tape.

With a looming con date approaching, pictures were few and lacking. So...
One, two, skip-a-few, done! :D

Some stuff I've used during this project:
Nerf Recon.
Tap lights.
Red LEDs.
9-Volt battery.
Hobby knives.
Magic Sculpt.
Super glue.
Hot glue.
Masking tape.
Sand paper.
Spray paints.